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Irish Language Questions Collection: Pronouncing “Dia” and More

Members of Bitesize Irish Gaelic, and non-members alike, often contact us with questions. Here are some recent answers to them that might also be of interest to you.

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Tea and Grammar — Part 1: Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs

Back in my university days, I used to work in the school’s tutoring office, helping students pass their basic English requirements. Most of my students were English language learners, but a few were native English speakers for whom grammar, writing … Continue reading

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The Problem of Being (In Irish Gaelic!)

Hi! I’m Audrey, and I’ll be your writer today! What is your name? I’m so happy to meet you! I’m from California. Where are you from? Can you imagine trying to talk without using some form of the verb “to be?” … Continue reading

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Irish Gaelic Grammar

When English speakers first start learning Irish, they often find the grammar more than a bit perplexing. Even though Irish is, in many ways, much more regular than English, it works in ways that are so different from English it … Continue reading

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