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Trauma, and The Irish Language

Irish people are traumatised, distraught, and brought to tears at the thought of learning to speak the Irish language. That’s what some people in Ireland tell themselves. Read through Loren’s experience which he emailed us (with permission to post here, and updated to fix that Loren is a “he”!), and our reply below:

The Irish Language is in Great Danger

Imagine this. The town of Ennis, County Clare in Ireland (where I grew up) has about 30,000 inhabitants. Let’s say each of those inhabitants spoke a peculiar language that nobody else spoke.

Is Eoin a native speaker of Irish? (Ep. 17)

Lots of listener questions, plus emails we have received about learning to speak the native language of Ireland. Eoin also addresses a forum thread about whether or not he’s an native speaker of Irish. What’s your opinion? Read on, and leave your comment at the end of this page.

Does the Irish language need saving?

Irish language speakers congregated in Dublin, Ireland on February 15th 2014. The objective was to stand for the rights of Irish speakers in Ireland. Are you surprised that speaking Irish is a human rights issue? What’s the deal? Read on.

Color Me Irish

As I was walking with my dog (Wiley, the Irish-speaking poodle) on this beautiful autumn morning, my mind quite naturally turned to colors…particularly the golds, oranges, and browns of a typical California October.

Have you ever encountered Irish Gaelic unexpectedly?

I happened to be sitting beside three girls on a tram in south France, when they started speaking in Irish Gaelic. The girls normally spoke in English, but they switched languages to be able to speak about others on the tram 🙂 What’s your story with seeing or hearing the Irish language unexpectedly?