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Is the Irish Language Relevant to Irish People? (Ep. 74)

A listener question sparks an interesting topic – is the Irish language relevant to Irish people (compared to the U.S. for example). But before we go deeper in finding the answer, we first need to know what exactly defines the “Irish people”.

How to Speak Irish with locals in Ireland (Ep. 20) [Re-run]

Ireland is such a great place to visit! Most people come here to admire our beautiful landscapes, to strengthen their Irish heritage or just to visit relatives and close friends. Are you planning a trip to Ireland? Knowing the Irish language may help you more than you’d think.

Apology from Bitesize Irish Garlic

Limerick, April 1 2016 – Bitesize Irish Garlic would like to apologise to all our customers. It’s come to our attention that there’s been wide-spread confusion, and it’s our fault.

The must see Castles in Ireland

Ireland is not only known for its beautiful music, culture and amazing landscapes. You probably didn’t know this, but Ireland has a vast array of castles, some of which date back to the 11th century. The following infographic shows us which castles shouldn’t be missed on a trip to the Emerald Eye.

The fear of Irish Gaelic down the spine of an Irishman

If you grew up outside of Ireland, you probably won’t immediately grasp this idea. This summer, I was twice in the United States. On multiple occasions I had to try and put into words the apathy and negative feeling that many (most?) people in Ireland feel towards the Irish language. Against the Irish language.