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The Irish Language – Strange but Beautiful

People who start learning Irish do it because they have a connection to the Irish language, they’re interested in the Irish history or fascinated by Irish culture, including music, poetry and art. Many of these people encountered the Irish language before and saw it as a strange but beautiful language.

New at Bitesize: Absolute Beginners Class & Other Updates

2018 is going to be a great year for Bitesize Irish Gaelic and the Irish language learning community. There are a lot of new and exciting updates we’ll be launching this year, including absolute beginners and intermediate classes, new subscription plan, better practicing options for people learning Irish and much more.

Dear Bitesize: Green, Orange and Letter Writing in Irish

In today’s Dear Bitesize post, we’re answering two questions that came in recently to Bitesize Irish Gaelic. First of all, one learner wanted to know the uses of the different words for green and orange in Irish Gaelic. Another Irish language learner wished to know how letters are formatted in Irish.