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Dear Bitesize: Irish Gaelic in Louth and How to Say “Have a Good Day”

In today’s Dear Bitesize post, I’m answering two questions that came in recently to Bitesize Irish Gaelic. The first learner asked if we know anything about dialect of Irish spoken in Co. Louth. Another Irish language learner wished to know how to say “have a good day” in Irish Gaelic.

I Didn’t Choose Irish, Irish Chose Me

Did you ever find yourself attracted to something without knowing why? For example, some people start painting as a hobby in their 40s and soon discover they are actually good at it. Isn’t it amazing to discover something you’re really good at it, even if you thought it wasn’t possible?

Ireland’s a Gaeltacht with Caitríona Weafer (Ep. 64)

Caitríona is from Mullingar in Ireland, and lives in California. She shares her perceptions of Ireland from her trips back home. In her opinion, you can use the Irish language anywhere in Ireland as long as you speak slowly. Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English).

Results for Your Linguistic Talent Survey

A couple of weeks ago, we asked you four simple questions in a survey. They were all related to your perception of linguistic talent. A person emailed saying “But they’re all the same question!”, which was not the case. Let’s dig deeper.

Irish Gaelic Pronunciation Survey

We hear from a lot of you that pronunciation of Irish Gaelic is hard. It’s a stumbling block for a lot of Irish language learners. So don’t worry if you find it challenging, you’re not alone.