Irish language community

The Peril of the Irish Language

Sometimes we should remind ourselves of how much or a marginal language the Irish language is in Ireland.  This all depends on your perspective. My overall view is highly positive: there’s a huge energy and spirit among Irish language speakers (read more below). It’s certainly not a “dead” or extinct language. 

Take On the Challenge of Practicing Irish with Locals

Many members of our enthusiastic community see Irish as a strange but beautiful language. Learn it may have its ups and downs, but if you see it as a way of improving yourself, and not as a chore, you will see progress with every Irish lesson.

Discover an Animated Cartoon Series Using the Irish Language & Culture

You’ve got used to our Bitesize Irish Gaelic interviews where we showcase some of the Bitesize member’s stories, but today we have planned a different kind of interview. We’re going to meet Thomas O’Briant who uses the Irish language to create an animated series called – Liam and Séamus in the “Shadow Realm Adventures“.