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The Irish Heritage Fuels the Desire to Learn Irish Gaelic

If you’re going to browse our blog and especially our Bitesize Irish Gaelic member interviews, you’ll notice that we’re strong believers that having an Irish heritage isn’t mandatory if you want to learn the Irish language. With that being said, … Continue reading

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Discovering Your Irish Heritage & Family Tree (Ep. 31) [Re-run]

With the latest advances in genealogy, tracing your family tree could bring up a few surprises. Commercial DNA analysis is a great tool for someone who wants to trace his family or to discover his Irish heritage.

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Keep the Irish Heritage Alive by Learning Irish Gaelic

Having Irish heritage means different things for Irish-Americans. Some of them don’t really try to find out more about their roots and follow the American way of living, but most of the American citizens we talked to over the years had a … Continue reading

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Discover Your Irish Heritage by Learning Irish Gaelic

If we were to take a few moments and dig through the United States’ history, we would surely find many Irishmen that were essential in transforming the country in its current form. There’s no secret that many Irish people left Ireland … Continue reading

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How Does Irish Gaelic Help You Reconnect to Your Irish Heritage?

In a previous blog post, we said that you don’t need Irish ancestry to learn Irish Gaelic. While this is still we believe in, we also have to give credit where credit is due. After years and years of helping … Continue reading

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Discover Irish Heritage by Following Your Family Tree (Ep. 31) [Re-run]

Before going out and discovering the World, we should be trying to figure ourselves out, right? What makes us tick? What drives us forward? Why are we inclined to follow certain paths but not others? Most of these questions can … Continue reading

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The Childhood of an American Kid in Ireland (Ep.30) [Re-run]

Life is all about ups and downs. You’ll need to face challenges on a daily schedule and more often than not, you’ll find yourself in need of some extra strength to be successful in whatever you’re doing. For some of … Continue reading

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The Very Worthy Goal of Preserving the Irish Language

At Bitesize Irish Gaelic we see the task of preserving the Irish language as something we didn’t need to do but rather as an assignment we decided to take upon us with open hearts. It brings us happiness to see other people who … Continue reading

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Get to Know the Irish Language Before Visiting Ireland

Summer is upon us and people start to go on vacation, having fun with family and friends. Some of them are going on trips outside of their countries so they have to do some extra preparations. For example, they need to know … Continue reading

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[Re-run] Growing up in New York with a Strong Irish Heritage (Ep. 07)

If we were to take a look at the United States’ history we would find many Irish people who settled there driven by necessity or high hopes and dreams. They became hard working individuals who soon were seen as established … Continue reading

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