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Dear Bitesize: Audio Resources and How To Say “Have”

In today’s Dear Bitesize post, I’m answering two questions that came in recently to Bitesize Irish Gaelic. The first learner wanted to know the which resources are available to hear more Irish Gaelic. Another Irish language learner wished to know … Continue reading

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Irish Learning Apps and Resources (Ep. 02) [Re-run]

We need to acknowledge the large role that mobile devices play in our day-to-day life. Many people see this as an addiction, but if you look at the phenomena closer, you’ll notice this is quite far-fetched. The truth is that … Continue reading

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Our B.I.G. Picture

Let’s be up front about it: our secret evil mission with Bitesize Irish Gaelic is to get you to make the Irish language part of your day, every day.

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Watching TG4 on Your TV

TG4 is Ireland’s national Irish language television station. You can watch it even with you non-smart TV using the Chromecast device. Read on for details.

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How to Show Up in 2016

Do you say to yourself “I’d love to speak some Irish Gaelic”, but “I can’t get around to it”? You can’t get around to it because it sounds like work. I’m sure you can “get around” to checking Facebook or … Continue reading

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Not Too Old to Start with Bob Burke (Ep. 50)

Bob Burke discovered the Irish language in his 40s. Was that too old to start to learn to speak Irish? Not at all! Listen to this discussion podcast (in English), and you’ll hear how Bob’s lovely spoken Irish Gaelic is. … Continue reading

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Digitized Irish Gaelic Writings

Dive into old Irish school manuscripts, and you’ll get an instant taster of older Ireland. The site dúchas.ie (which means “heritage”) features tens of thousands of scanned pages of school copybooks, plus other content.

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Top Facebook Pages For Learning Irish Gaelic

A noticeable trend of our guests on the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast is that they suggest you should reach out to other learners of Irish Gaelic. A good example is Dineen Grow. She said: Start Something! Don’t feel alone and … Continue reading

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From Donegal to California with Imelda White (Ep. 47)

Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English). Imelda White is from Ard a’ Ratha in County Donegal, Ireland. She has taught Irish language classes in California for several decades.

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More and Better: Bitesize Irish Gaelic Lessons

We’re pleased to announce an expansion and improvement to our Bitesize Irish Gaelic online program. Let me first explain to you newcomers what the program is all about. Our motto is that you learn to speak the language of your … Continue reading

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