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How To Say – “Come here!” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Adding video content to our suite of Bitesize Irish Gaelic tools has been one of the best things we could have done this year. We’re talking about the amazing feedback we are getting on each “How To Say” video on … Continue reading

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How To Say “Hurry up!” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Is your friend, husband or wife always late for events? Do you need to always remind them to hurry up because the movie is going to start, or that the Uber is already downstairs? Well, we can’t make them get … Continue reading

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How To Say – “Dinner’s Ready!” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Irish cuisine is focused around hearty, filling foods, and it’s vastly influenced by available crops, fishing and livestock. We always found the Irish cuisine to be centered on fresh foods thanks to the above resources, so it’s no surprise that … Continue reading

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Irish Gaelic Pronunciation Challenge

(This challenge is for customers who bought our Crack Irish Gaelic Pronunciation course. If you want to preview the course, follow this link which includes a 40% discount.) Pronunciation Challenge Overview

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Talking about the Weather in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

There are certain questions in life that don’t have a precise answer. Some good examples would be questions like: “Am I going to find true love?“, “When will I win the lottery?”, “Is there life after death?” or… “Is it … Continue reading

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How To Say – Irish Gaelic Tongue Twisters (VIDEO)

There are many ways one can have some fun while learning the Irish language. Some people may prefer reading funny anecdotes or even comic books in Irish, while others can enjoy themselves by discovering Irish Gaelic tongue twisters.

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How To Say the “Hail Mary” Prayer in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

We’re always trying to find new types of content our audience is interested in. When we started creating video content on YouTube, we focused only on Irish Gaelic pronunciation, but as our subscribers (and blog readers) can see, we have … Continue reading

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How To Say – “Soul mate” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Love is a beautiful thing, and the Irish language has a lot of ways to share this amazing feeling. As you may have noticed from our past blog posts and videos, Irish Gaelic is a language that has many words … Continue reading

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How To Say – Girl Names in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

When it comes to baby names, Irish ones are on the top of the parents’ list. Many people know that Irish names have a special meaning to them since each name has its connection to Irish history and heritage. Maybe … Continue reading

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How To Say – “Independence Day” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Ireland and the U.S. have a lot of things in common. Both of these countries and their people struggled, but managed to break connections from the “mother land” and to establish themselves at independent states. 

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