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You Don’t Need Permission (Ep. 78)

We recently discussed what’s really holding you back when it comes to learning the Irish language and in today’s Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast episode 78 we’re going to tackle a similar subject (probably scary for many) – the fear of what other people are saying and thinking about you.

What’s Your Irish Language Journey? (Ep. 77)

We all have reasons as to why we’re called towards a certain journey. If you’re interested in learning to speak the Irish language, it’s interesting to ask: Why did this journey choose me? Should I try to ignore its calls, or accept that it’s part of me?

Searching For An Irish and Celtic Music Podcast? (Ep. 28) [Re-run]

If you would look at the number of people who actually speak Irish Gaelic, you’d think that your choices in Irish podcast are limited, but if it’s something we noticed since starting this blog, is that there are more podcasts using the Irish language than you’d think.

Patrick Kavanagh’s Poem From Ireland (Ep. 58) [Re-run]

Ireland isn’t only known for its beautiful landscapes and great people. If we’re talking about culture, a lot of people love the Irish Gaelic language and most of them have read some poems or other literature from Ireland.