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We’re Restarting the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast! (Ep. 69)

From 2013 to 2016 we ran the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast. The format of the online show focused on interviewing really interesting people who were passionate about the Irish Gaelic language or Ireland’s culture & history. In the beginning of … Continue reading

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Learning Irish In Small Regular Pieces Really Works (Ep.36) [Re-run]

Irish Gaelic isn’t the easiest language to learn so you will have to adjust your learning process if you want to achieve a conversational level of Irish, or even be fluent in the language. You don’t have to worry though. … Continue reading

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Searching For An Irish and Celtic Music Podcast? (Ep. 28) [Re-run]

If you would look at the number of people who actually speak Irish Gaelic, you’d think that your choices in Irish podcast are limited, but if it’s something we noticed since starting this blog, is that there are more podcasts … Continue reading

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Discover the Hidden Parts of Dublin (Ep. 24) [Re-run]

Dublin is one of the most visited places in Ireland. Tourists from all over the World choose the city as their main Irish destination and they will often use it as a “home base” while visiting other beautiful areas from … Continue reading

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How Do Irish Language Immersion Weekends Help You Learn? (Ep. 21) [Re-run]

Recent studies are displaying a drop in the ranks of Irish speaking individuals around the World. While the use of Irish Gaelic is declining, we can’t say for sure by how much the numbers of Irish speakers are declining. Why? … Continue reading

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Patrick Kavanagh’s Poem From Ireland (Ep. 58) [Re-run]

Ireland isn’t only known for its beautiful landscapes and great people. If we’re talking about culture, a lot of people love the Irish Gaelic language and most of them have read some poems or other literature from Ireland.

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What’s It Like to Move to Ireland from the US? (Ep. 55) [Re-run]

We know that many Irish people have moved to the United States in the past decades but how about the Americans who decided that Ireland is the best place for them and their families? Believe it or not, there are … Continue reading

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Audio Irish Gaelic Phrases You May Want to Know (Ep. 54) [Re-run]

When you decide to start learning Irish Gaelic, you’ll need to commit to some sort of schedule. We’ll always give you the tools to learn at your own pace and we’ll also provide you with recommendations on how to make … Continue reading

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Podcast Re-runs (Ep. 67)

Eoin and little Liam of Bitesize Irish Gaelic tell you about our plan to re-run past episodes of the podcast on our podcast feed. You also hear about our members-only Facebook group.

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Special Final Episode of Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast (Ep. 66)

Listen as Eoin and son Liam make paper airplanes in their kitchen. Eoin takes the chance to explain why the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast is coming to an end. But it’s also a positive step for Bitesize Irish Gaelic members … Continue reading

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