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Ireland’s a Second Home for This Irish-American Artist (Ep. 10) [Re-run]

We interviewed a lot of interesting people on the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast. Most of these people were artists, entrepreneurs or teachers of Irish-American origins. Beside the amazing talks we had with them, we discovered that many of them visit … Continue reading

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Discover Irish Heritage by Following Your Family Tree (Ep. 31) [Re-run]

Before going out and discovering the World, we should be trying to figure ourselves out, right? What makes us tick? What drives us forward? Why are we inclined to follow certain paths but not others? Most of these questions can … Continue reading

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The Childhood of an American Kid in Ireland (Ep.30) [Re-run]

Life is all about ups and downs. You’ll need to face challenges on a daily schedule and more often than not, you’ll find yourself in need of some extra strength to be successful in whatever you’re doing. For some of … Continue reading

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Latest Advances in Genealogy with Michael Carragher (Ep. 31)

Are you just getting started with tracing your family tree? You might be surprised about the advances in genealogical research, particularly around commercial DNA analysis. Michael Carragher is the president of the Irish Family History Forum of Long Island and … Continue reading

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