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Learning Irish Gaelic Manifesto

If you’d like to make a real connection with your Irish heritage, learning to speak some of the Irish language is a deeply personal way to achieve that. You need motivation from the heart. The motivation will get you immersing yourself in Ireland’s culture. That’ll make it part of your everyday life.

Irish Will Live with Conn Ó Muíneacháin (Ep. 48)

Get insights into Irish Gaelic’s positive future in Ireland and in Irish society. Broadcaster Conn Ó Muíneacháin grew up with a passion for the Irish language. He came to the conclusion that he had to create content in the Irish language through blogs and podcasts to strengthen his ties to the language.

The Irish Language is in Great Danger

Imagine this. The town of Ennis, County Clare in Ireland (where I grew up) has about 30,000 inhabitants. Let’s say each of those inhabitants spoke a peculiar language that nobody else spoke.

Profile: An Irish Learner in Russia

Welcome to the second installment of our Irish Learner Profiles series! In publishing these profiles, we hope to showcase the diversity of the international Irish learning community. Last month we introduced you to Fabrizio: a student of the Irish language who lives in Rome, Italy. This time we’re going to take you all the way …

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