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Micromastery of the Irish Language

The trouble with wanting to speak Irish Gaelic is that it’s a massive life-long journey. On the pessimistic side of things, you’ll never be fluent like a native speaker. And the journey is difficult (it’s meant to be difficult).

Our Bitesize Learning Principles for Irish Gaelic

Being overwhelmed is probably the most common feeling when you consider learning to speak another language. If you’re reading this, you probably have great personal motivation already: to make a deep personal connection with your Irish heritage. It’s a way to express who you are inside. It’s giving a language to what you feel.

Where can I attend Irish language summer courses and other listener questions (Ep. 19)

Listen to answers of fantastic listener and member questions about learning to speak the Irish language (Irish Gaelic). What you’ll hear Summer courses you can attend in Irish Saying where you’re from Intricacies of Scottish Gaelic, from an Irish Gaelic perspective Story of an Australian living in New Zealand who uses Irish on the locals

Does the Irish language need saving?

Irish language speakers congregated in Dublin, Ireland on February 15th 2014. The objective was to stand for the rights of Irish speakers in Ireland. Are you surprised that speaking Irish is a human rights issue? What’s the deal? Read on.

Color Me Irish

As I was walking with my dog (Wiley, the Irish-speaking poodle) on this beautiful autumn morning, my mind quite naturally turned to colors…particularly the golds, oranges, and browns of a typical California October.

Bitesize Lesson Highlight: Professions and Occupations

It’s time for another nibble of Bitesize Irish! From time to time, we’d like to offer you a little taste of what the Bitesize Irish Gaelic on-line learning program has to offer by highlighting one of our lessons. In this highlight, we’ll look at one of our vocabulary lessons: Professions & Occupations.

“Twenty Questions” for Irish Beginners

“Is it bigger than a breadbox?” “Is it smaller than a mouse?” Chances are you’ve played the game “Twenty Questions” at some time in your life. It’s a great way to keep children (or adults!) occupied on long car trips. Know what else it’s good for? Practicing your Irish!