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Show Up (Ep. 081)

Listen to Episode 081 of the Bitesize Irish Podcast above. If you have limited time, should you show up, or give up? Should you keep chipping away at that journey that fulfills your heart, or keep putting it off until you regret never doing it? Should you pluck up the energy to work five minutes …

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You Don’t Have Enough Time to Learn? (Ep. 79)

Do you feel frustrated on a daily basis that you don’t have more time to learn the Irish language? Maybe it’s not Irish Gaelic, maybe it’s other things that you set up your expectations to do, but it’s not a good enough reason to not spend any time on the things you feel passionate about.

How to Practice Irish Gaelic on a Daily Basis (Ep. 12) [Re-run]

When learning Irish Gaelic, people often learn on their own time, without seeking help from others. While this isn’t the optimal path to learning a foreign language, just the fact that you’re doing your best to learn is helping the Irish language to stay alive and show its beauty to other people.

Start Learning Irish Gaelic this Black Friday

Are you one of those people who always think about starting to learn a new language but just doesn’t have the time for it? If you want to learn Irish Gaelic but you find yourself always on the road, on the commute between your house and your job, we have a solution for you.