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How To Say – “Whiskey” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Did you know that the word “whiskey” is actually an Anglicisation of the first word in the Gaelic phrase “uisce beatha” meaning “water of life”? This phrase is also a translation of the Latim term “aqua vitae” (describing distilled spirits during the Middle Ages).

The Airplane “An tEitleán” – A Poem In Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Like we promised on numerous occasions, our Irish pronunciation videos won’t just be about “how to say a specific phrase”, but we’re going to diversify the Irish videos by doing pronunciations of poems and prayers. We won’t stop here, since we’re always looking for new content for our Irish-learning community.

Dear Bitesize: how to say “I like you” and “tú” vs. “thú”

In today’s Dear Bitesize post, let’s answer two questions that were recently received here at Bitesize Irish Gaelic. First of all, Lilia would like to know how to tell someone “I like you” in Irish Gaelic. Another Irish language student, Éamonn, had a grammatical question. He was wondering when to use thú instead of tú.

How To Say Ireland’s Counties in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

The counties of Ireland are more than just sub-national divisions that geographically demarcate areas of local government. The 32 traditional counties of Ireland tell us a lot about their people, but more important show us how the country transformed itself during the most important periods of its history.