Ireland’s a Gaeltacht with Caitríona Weafer (Ep. 64)

Caitríona is from Mullingar in Ireland, and lives in California. She shares her perceptions of Ireland from her trips back home. In her opinion, you can use the Irish language anywhere in Ireland as long as you speak slowly. Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English).

The Gaeltacht Is Dead

…Long live the Gaeltacht. Considerably large parts of the map of Ireland are dedicated to “Gaeltacht” areas. The Gaeltacht areas are those parts of Ireland where it was deemed over the years that Irish Gaelic was the predominant community language in those areas.

Road Signs in Irish Gaelic

Picture the following: You’re cruising along a scenic road in Ireland. You’ve finally got the whole driving on the left thing handled, you’ve figured out how to navigate a roundabout, and you think that, on the whole, you’ve become a fairly competent Irish driver. Suddenly you pass an unfamiliar road sign proclaiming: NÁ SCOITEAR   Huh? …

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