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Listening to Irish Music Makes it Easier to Learn Irish Gaelic (Ep. 25) [Re-run]

One of the most important steps toward learning Irish Gaelic is immersing yourself in the language. We’re always recommending this to our students, as often as we can. Immersing yourself in the Irish language can be done with the help … Continue reading

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Want to Learn More About Irish and Celtic Music? (Ep. 28) [Re-run]

The Irish culture is something that many people around the globe are fascinated with. Some like to read Irish books, others want to listen to Irish and Celtic music or visit Renaissance festivals. Whatever you may like about the Irish … Continue reading

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Discover Irish Heritage through its Music and Instruments

Whether you want to learn Irish or simply learn more about this beautiful place on Earth and its history, the following infographic should satisfy at least some of your curiosities. You’ll learn about Irish traditional music and instruments from the … Continue reading

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