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Podcast 068: Should We Restart the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast?

Two full years after our last Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast episode, this is the return of an experiment!

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3 Bold & Unusual Predictions for the Future of Irish Gaelic (Ep. 39) [Re-run]

One worthy goal of learning Irish Gaelic is to make sure that the language keeps living on through the people who speak it. We could say that the future of the Irish language is unsure (and probably controversial) so we … Continue reading

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Learn About Irish Native Speakers and Standardized Irish Language (Ep. 17) [Re-run]

Over the past years, the number of Irish native speakers has dropped considerably. We see this as an extra reason for us to develop the learning tools we currently have, and to encourage as many people as we can to … Continue reading

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Selling Everything You Own and Moving to Ireland (Ep. 15) [Re-run]

Immigration played an important role in the history of Ireland, and it still does. Everything started with an exodus when Irishmen started seeking a better life and left Ireland for the United States. Centuries have passed and things have changed. … Continue reading

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Talking about Irish Pronunciation and Dialects (Ep. 14) [Re-run]

While learning Irish Gaelic can give you one of the best feelings ever, we do agree that it’s not the easiest language to learn. Because of that, we’re sure you’ll have a lot of questions. Maybe you’re reading some Irish … Continue reading

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Visiting Ireland in the Midst of a Storm (Ep. 13) [Re-run]

Most people say that Ireland’s weather is unpredictable so you’d better pack accordingly. While that is true, we have to say that extreme weather is quite rare in Ireland. The most you’ll have to endure is going from warm weather … Continue reading

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Your Irish Language Questions Answered (Ep. 11) [Re-run]

If there’s something we learned while running the Podcast for over 4 years now, it’s that these episodes are a great tool for our community to get in touch with what’s happening in Ireland, to meet artists or other Irish … Continue reading

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What’s So Special About the Dingle Peninsula (Ep. 06) [Re-run]

Do you have a place to call “home”? We’re not talking specifically about a house, apartment or something like that, but more like a place that’s close to your heart. That place may be your home town, somewhere new or … Continue reading

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The Connection Between Technology and Learning Irish (Ep. 04) [Re-run]

Since we started Bitesize, we met and interacted with a lot of amazing people who wanted to learn Irish Gaelic. Some people had a really proactive attitude and started right away, but others had some doubts before joining the Bitesize … Continue reading

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What To Expect From Your Trip To Ireland (Ep. 03) [Re-run]

Millions of people come every year to Ireland to visit this beautiful country and meet the people. Some of them are interested in the Irish culture and language while others are more attracted to the amazing landscapes, great beer, and … Continue reading

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