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Iowa Irish Gaelic Immersion Weekend

Irish Immersion Weekends play an important role in making the Irish language known to people who may want to learn more about it. They can take place all over the World, but most of them are organized in the United … Continue reading

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What Does it Mean to Be an Irish Language Enthusiast?

People have their reasons for learning a new language. Some will learn it because they want to get a better job or they are planning to move to a new country. When looking back at our experience and amazing feedback … Continue reading

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New Bitesize Irish Lessons on How To Book a Hotel

We’re always working here at Bitesize Irish Gaelic to improve the course and add any vocabulary that we know that our members want and would find useful.

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The True Definition of Learning Irish “At Your Own Pace”

Readers of this blog, as well as every Bitesize Irish Gaelic student know that our motto is “learn Irish at your own pace”. Until now we met really interesting people who shared with us (and with the Bitesize community) their … Continue reading

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Learning Irish is Learning the History, Culture, and Values of the Irish People

Most people who start learning Irish Gaelic with the help of Bitesize soon discover they got more that what they bargained for. We’re not talking about the great tools that Bitesize provides to Irish-learning people, but what does “learning Irish … Continue reading

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3 Secrets That Will Make Your Irish Learning Experience So Much Better (Ep. 18) [Re-run]

Some languages are easier to learn than others, but at the same time, some languages are (arguably) more beautiful than others. There is a certain balance between these two qualities for those who may want to learn them. If you … Continue reading

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Keep the Irish Heritage Alive by Learning Irish Gaelic

Having Irish heritage means different things for Irish-Americans. Some of them don’t really try to find out more about their roots and follow the American way of living, but most of the American citizens we talked to over the years had a … Continue reading

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Test Your Irish Language Level with Improved Quizzes

Deciding to learn Irish Gaelic is genuinely noble quest to embark on. If you manage to master the language, you’ll be a part of a select community of individuals that are keeping Irish alive, and ensuring its future by using … Continue reading

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Learning the Irish language for the Pure Pleasure of Learning It

We’ve mentioned this a few times on our blog and Facebook page. You don’t need Irish heritage to learn the Irish language. Although people with heritage will have a better chance of mastering Irish Gaelic, that doesn’t mean that heritage … Continue reading

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Can You Understand People from the Gaeltacht if You Learn Irish? (Ep. 05) [Re-run]

If you are even a bit interested in Irish Gaelic, you know that it’s not the easiest language to understand. On top of that, it has 3 main dialects so it should be even harder to learn, right? Well, not … Continue reading

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