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Tired of Trying to Learn Irish Alone? This Could be Your Solution.

It’s difficult to learn any language alone, right?

That’s why we originally set up Bitesize Irish Gaelic online Irish language lessons with lots of recordings and phonetics.

Language is to share

In the end, learning to speak Irish Gaelic is about expressing yourself.

If you can find others to practice with, then you’ll be more motivated. You’ll learn from each other.

But I don’t have local classes available!

In a Fullbright Commission report about learners in the US that we wrote about recently, they found that a huge problem for learners is how to find a native speaker to practice with.

You don’t need a local native Irish language speaker to start learning with others.

Are you the only one in your area who wants to speak Irish?

First off, you might not be the only one – you just might not know of the others.

Second, others locally may have an interest in Ireland, but no-one inspired them to learn.

YOU can do it (yes, really!)

You can start learning with others in your locality.

You can use your interest in the language to help organize others.

You can so it by setting up a local Irish Gaelic study group.

Solution: “Setting Up a Local Irish Gaelic Study Group” free e-book

We asked six people who already have experience in trying to set up a local study group (thanks to Quinn for the original question on how to do it!).

They were kind enough to share their experiences (good and bad) in setting up a local group.

Download the Shareable E-Book (PDF direct download)

Setting Up a Local Irish Gaelic Study Group

Those people’s experiences have been compiled for you into one free – and shareable! – e-book.

In the seven short chapters, they share with you:

  1. The challenges of setting up a local study group
  2. Finding others to study with
  3. Where to meet
  4. Scheduling your study group meetings
  5. Setting up the actual study group meetings
  6. Language learning and resources
  7. Don’t give up

Please download the free e-book PDF, and send it on to others.

Who Wrote the E-book

  • Audrey Nickel – a learner for over a decade in Santa Cruz, California. Involved in local Irish study groups, Irish music, and an Irish choir. A contributor to Bitesize Irish Gaelic online lessons.
  • Marlene Taylor – polyglot and founder of San Francisco Irish Culture & Expat Group meetup group.
  • Caron Osberg – founder of her local Irish study group, Learn Irish Des Moines. They use Bitesize Irish Gaelic online lessons. You may have seen her video with us about her study group.
  • Kenna McCullah – Bitesize Irish Gaelic customer, and enthusiastic Irish language beginner. She decided to set up a local Irish study group in her town.
  • Devin Blankenship – successful founder of Indiana Celtic Community, and most importantly their Irish Language Immersion: Bloomington Celtic Culture Weekend.
  • Mara Bernstein – researcher, and avid learner who has spent lots of time learning the language in Ireland. Helps to organize Indiana Celtic Community’s classes and events.

Missed the download link? Download the free shareable e-book right here, “Setting Up a Local Irish Gaelic Study Group”.

After downloading, please reply below about your own experiences (good or bad!) with trying to find others to learn with.

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