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Irish Singer Shares More Songs in Irish

Mary Murphy Irish Singer

Mary Murphy is an Irish singer based in Canada (and also a member of Bitesize Irish Gaelic, by the way).

You can listen to two more of her songs in Irish below. The first has a mix of Irish and English languages, the second is a full translation in Irish Gaelic.

Odhran a Chroí

[mp3t track=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/bitesize-blog/audio/Mary-Murphy-Odhran-a-Chroi.mp3″ vol=”100″]

Click here to download the lyrics (PDF).

In this song, I take it that Odhran is the child (leanbh). The title is addressing him by saying “a chroí“, which is like saying “Odhran, my heart” or “my love”.

The song uses another such expression: “a stór“, which is like saying “my dear”.

The Uilleann Pipes instrument on this are played by Martin Nolan. He lives in Dublin City.

Mary told me that this is an ancient old song, though it only had two versus so she wrote two others that you hear in this version.

Language tip: Saying “a […]” is the vocative case in the Irish language, the lesson for which Bitesize Irish Gaelic members can read here.

Will Ya Go Lassie Go

[mp3t track=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/bitesize-blog/audio/Mary-Murphy-Will-ya-Go-Irish.mp3″ vol=”100″]

Click here to download the lyrics (PDF).

This song tells us that summer (an samhradh) will be here soon. It talks about going to the mountains (na sléibhte), and collecting heather (fraoch).

It’s a beautiful song to listen to, and I hope you enjoy it.

Another song in Irish

We previously hosted one more of Mary’s songs, please listen to another of her songs.

You can visit Mary’s site with more of her songs at: http://www.marymurphy.ca/

Did you enjoy these songs? Please leave a reply below for Mary (who’s currently on tour).

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5 thoughts on “Irish Singer Shares More Songs in Irish”

  1. Oh my she has a beautiful voice, and I can tell I really am an Irish gal. I feel it inside.
    It’s definitely there. I am PROUD to say I am Irish, definitely teaching my grandchildren
    their roots. They are Greek,and Cuban on their fathers’ sides, now Nanny can show how
    being Irish is a Blessing:) thanks for the beautiful music!!!!