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From Siberia to Cork, Ireland – a Place to Call Home (Ep.34) [Re-run]

From Siberia to Cork, Ireland

We love stories of acceptance, of welcoming others with open arms and making them your friends. In a world troubled by hate and natural disasters, stories of hope and community inclusion are like a ray of sunshine.

Like a big number of Irish people who left the country in the last decades and moved to the U.S. or Australia, other people from all over the world came to Ireland and ended up calling it “home”. Imagine the story of a Russian woman who travels one summer from Siberia, Russia to Ireland and ends up moving to Cork thanks to the welcoming people.

Well, you actually won’t have to imagine this since it’s a real story. In the rebroadcast of the Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast 34th episode, Eoin has a nice chat with Elena Clancy who is originally from Siberia, Russia but she’s living in Ireland for 14 years (2016). Elena writes on her own blog – R U in Ireland, giving out free advice and travel tips to people from outside of Ireland who come here to explore.

This is a re-run of the 34th Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast in the English language. Listen to Elena’s story, her travels around Ireland and what strangers first think about Irish people.

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