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Share Your Irish Language Learning Story

Irish Language Learning Story

We’re looking for those of you who have spent at least a few months delving into Irish language, Irish culture, and wherever that brought you.

It may feel like your story is not “worth” sharing. But believe me – it’s easy to inspire others by thinking back at how far you have come.

So this is a simple invitation to share your written story about how you got “in touch” with Irish Gaelic, the challenges your found, and perhaps tips you have for others. Assuming it will be interesting to other readers, we’ll publish it here on the Bitesize Irish Gaelic blog.

If you’re interested, email your Reader Story to info@bitesize.irish or use our contact form.

Tips for writing your story:

  • Break it into small paragraphs
  • Write however much you need to write to share your story, but not more
  • Tell us about your toughest challenges, but also your best successes

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