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The Best Time to Visit Ireland Coming Up

Best Time to Visit Ireland

September is possibly the best time to visit Ireland, if you’re planning to visit the standard tourist destinations.

If you’re planning a year ahead, do consider this.

Good points about travelling to Ireland in September

  • Any of the standard tourist destinations will already be much quieter, but they’re still operating at full hours.
  • For example, you’ll get to walk the Cliffs of Moher and take in the view, without lots of crowds.
  • If you want to drive in Ireland, or get driven, main routes like the Ring of Kerry will be quicker to navigate.
  • Since you’re going slightly off-season, the flights should work out that bit cheaper too, compared with mid-summer.
  • Accommodation won’t be such a squeeze point. For example, one July, I simply could not find B&B accommodation south of Limerick for the weekend that was coming up. But in September you would have plenty of options, right up to that night.

The bad points

  • Rain, or who knows! September in Ireland can be glorious warm sunshine. And it can rain from the heavens in a cool wind. You’re certainly taking your chances. And you better bring your rain jacket 🙂

Despite that one bad point, do plan your trip, it will work out.

What’s your experience?

For those of you who have experienced Ireland several times, what time of year did you visit? Which time of year would you recommend that someone visits Ireland? Leave a reply on this blog post.

10 thoughts on “The Best Time to Visit Ireland Coming Up”

  1. Dia daoibh everyone. We have just this evening got back from an enjoyable week in Clare. We stayed near Doon Beg which was beautiful, quiet countryside at Breene’s cottage. There are some nice local pubs and all the people that we met there and else where seemed very friendly and helpful. We went to the Cliffs of Moher,which were spectacular, but as Eoin says were very busy in the afternoon- they say it is less busy before 11 and after 4. We were told that they are best seen from a boat and the Arran Island ferry passes by the cliff base. This week we were very lucky with mild,warm weather, but people did say that this is not common! Check the weather report, bring a coat and a Mackintosh and you’ll be fine.
    The Aillwee caves were not hugely impressive, but there is a bird of prey centre next door, which puts on a show at feeding time and you can get a combined ticket for both. The surrounding scenery is lovely and if you are fit enough, you can climb the rocky hill to get even better views of The Burren. All combined, it made a nice day out.
    There is a petting zoo on the way to the Cliffs of Moher that will please little kids.
    Father Ted fans MUST make time to see the house. TedTours will take you there and show you a few of the shooting locations- probably the best way to do it. Book in advance. At the house, tea and cakes are served and the owner spoke tous about how the house was chosen and stories from the filming- very interesting.
    Everyone spoke English, but when I plucked up the courage to speak Irish, I found people were pleased that I was learning and helped with a few sentences- some were fluent, others only had what they had learned at school. I am definitely going again to Ireland. Slan!

  2. Both of my visits to Ireland provided us with the best weather! We visited the Southern part of the Republic both times but added a stay in Dublin on the second trip The first trip was in late June, the second in mid-September. The weather was very similar on both trips. It was quite warm, very sunny, and overall delightful. If it rained, it was late at night only. On the September trip the locals kept commenting on how unusually grand the weather was that yea, saying it was rare to get so many sunny days in a row.

    We are planning another trip for September of 2017. Rain or shine, I know it will be delightful!

  3. My next visit will be from the beginning of April to the end of June, staying on Inis Oírr but travelling on to the mainland to see the southern part of the Republic. Accomodation is very reasonably priced at that time of year and weather is always a gamble no matter when you’re there – the May that just went was sunny and hot for three weeks. Also, you don’t have to battle the tourists … hopefully I’ll be around lots of Irish speakers on a regular basis and learn lots more about speaking the language. So that’s my new goal for learning irish between now and then, to be closer to speaking it for when I get there …

    1. Hi Neasa,

      Thank you for commenting.

      You have set a nice goal for yourself 🙂

      You will have a chance to visit lots of places in that time. Have a great stay in Ireland.

      Le meas,

  4. My mother and I are heading to Ireland on October 2, for 8 days, to celebrate her 90th birthday! We’ll be with a tour group, but it’s good to know that the places we are scheduled to see may be less crowded. She gets around great, and most people think she is much younger than she really is, but I know that doesn’t have the patience with crowds like she used to. So this will be a wonderful time, I think. I am trying to learn a bit of Irish, so we won’t be so lost.

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