Seinfeld’s Approach to Learning Irish Gaelic

Learning Irish Gaelic

Our mission is to make the Irish language part of your every day life. Jerry Seinfeld once shared a great technique to do something every day.

Here’s the basic idea, it’s quite simple:

  • Decide on your goal you want to achieve every day (like “Hear Irish Gaelic every day”)
  • Put a calendar on your wall
  • Write your goal on top to remind yourself
  • Get a big red pen
  • Each day you do the thing you want to do, mark that day with a red “X” on the calendar

You’ll need to work hard at making that line of red Xs each day for the first couple of weeks.

But when you’re on a roll, you won’t want to break the line of days you have crossed out. You’ll keep going. It will give you that little motivation you need to do something that you know you want to do.

Jerry used this technique to write a new joke every single day. You can use it to make Irish Gaelic part of your every day life.

If you’re looking to print a calendar, then have a quick way to download a PDF.

To hear Irish Gaelic every day, use the Bitesize Irish Gaelic program (free trial, or sign up). Open up your next Bitesize lesson, and listen to one audio recording with its phonetic prompting guide. That’s your goal already achieved for the day.

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