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3 Secrets That Will Make Your Irish Learning Experience So Much Better (Ep. 18) [Re-run]

3 secrets that will make your irish learning experience so much better

Some languages are easier to learn than others, but at the same time, some languages are (arguably) more beautiful than others. There is a certain balance between these two qualities for those who may want to learn them. If you think about it, English isn’t that hard to pick up since it’s everywhere around us. You couldn’t say the same thing about Irish Gaelic.

While at least as beautiful as English, the Irish language takes more effort to master.

What looks like a problem for most foreign language learners, it’s actually a positive aspect for Irish enthusiasts. No, Irish isn’t the easiest language to fully master, but learning it will make you a member of a select group of individuals.

How many people in this World can be proud that they mastered the Irish language? You got that… not so many. So you see, even if the language is harder to learn, the benefits are bigger.

Listening to this rebroadcast of the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast, episode 18, will allow you to discover 3 secrets that will make your Irish learning experience so much better. Everything starts out by learning at your own pace – you don’t need to force yourself to learn if you don’t feel like it. Learning Irish shouldn’t be a chore.

Second, you need to make your lessons smaller. Since we’re talking about learning a difficult (but beautiful) language, learning in “Bitesize” lessons is the optimal way to ensure the best experience and progress.

Last, but not least, you don’t need to put pressure on yourself. That’s what Pat Hagan tells us in the re-run of the 18th Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast episode. He is living in Florida, USA and has made great advances in speaking Irish.

This episode of the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast is in the English language.

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