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Available again: The Story of Irish / Scéal na Gaeilge videos

Scéal na Gaeilge - Irish language history
Scéal na Gaeilge Irish language “historical documentary”.

Do you love everything about Ireland and the Irish language, but don’t really know the history of the language?

It’s a fascinating and emotional history. It show how really worth is to speak Irish to keep your Irish heritage alive.

The history of Irish (Gaelic), in beautiful videos

Thankfully, award-winning director Diarmuid Goggins has put Scéal na Gaeilge back online:

So what is it? Scéal na Gaeilge is a two-part animated documentary that brings you through the history of the Irish language. As the series says, “the history of the Irish language didn’t begin today or yesterday”.

You’ll be brought far back into pre-historic Ireland. It’s an emotional journey – which is why speaking Irish is your key to Gaelic Ireland.

The videos were first available on TG4’s website, but later disappeared. Thankfully they’re back online.

Spoken in Irish, with subtitles

The videos are presented in the Irish language, giving you a wonderful opportunity to expose yourself to Ireland’s native language being spoken.

Don’t worry, there are English language subtitles throughout the videos, so you’ll be able to follow along.

Scéal na Gaeilge won the factual entertainment award at the Celtic Media Festival in 2013. We’re proud of them, as they’ve produced a work that will tell the story of Irish for decades to come.

Thanks to John Carey who contacted us recently asking about the show, which is how we found out it’s back online.

Let us know below when you have watched, or re-watched Scéal na Gaeilge. What did you find most interesting?

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6 thoughts on “Available again: The Story of Irish / Scéal na Gaeilge videos”

  1. I really enjoyed this series of videos. Go raibh maith agat a Eoin for giving us the “heads up” 🙂 However, I did notice something, or I should say the absence of something I thought fairly significant. When the series touched on the first written form of Irish, nothing was mentioned about the Ogham alphabet. Or did I miss that somewhere in the series ?