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How To Say – The Days of the Week in Irish (Video)

Maybe you are looking just for specific translations like how to say the days of the week in Irish or other important phrases. If this is the case, then please read the following blog post.

If you’re serious about learning Irish Gaelic, then you should definitely sign up for one of our easy-to-understand and comprehensive courses but before you dive right into it, you may want to get in touch with the Irish language by learning how to say specific phrases. If these spark your curiosity, go ahead and sign up for a free trial to learn more Irish.

We often get questions about how to say specific phrases in Irish so we thought it was a good idea to have our lovely Irish language assistant – Siobhán to help you out by making pronunciation videos. If you don’t want to go to YouTube every time and look for a specific video pronunciation, you can always subscribe to our free newsletter by using this form and we’ll send them to you on a weekly basis.

The Days of the Week in Irish video pronunciation

If you’re interested in knowing how to say each day of the week in Irish, Siobhán helps you with the following video. We actually have a longer blog post about the days of the week in Irish so if you want to read more about this subject, please check it out.

If you simply need to recite the days of the week, here is what you would say:

Dé Luain (Jay LOO-in): Monday

Dé Máirt (Jay march): Tuesday

Dé Céadaoin (Jay KAY-deen): Wednesday

Déardaoin (JAY-ar-deen): Thursday

Dé hAoine (Jay HEEN-yeh): Friday

Dé Sathairn (Jay SA-ha-rin): Saturday

Dé Domhnaigh (Jay DOH-nee): Sunday

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