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Santa’s Little Helpers Work At Bitesize Irish Gaelic

Santa's little helpers team at Bitesize article

Did you know that many elves who usually help Santa Clause to bring you gifts on Christmas actually work at Bitesize also? While we can’t tell you their names and positions, we can let you know that they have a little surprise for the Bitesize community.

Want to know more about Santa’s little helpers who work at Bitesize? Do you also want to help Santa this year?

The first elf from Santa’s little helpers “squad” works right here on the Bitesize blog and through the help of well-written blog posts he sends you all a ‘bitesize’ portion of the traditional Irish Christmas spirit. For example, we recommend you to read more about the Traditional Irish Christmas (with a bonus eBook) or go to the podcast episode where you can listen to a traditional Christmas Irish poem.

Another happy elf from Santa Clause’s little helpers team is creating great video and audio content for the Bitesize Irish Gaelic community. Yes, we’re talking about the lovely language assistant – Siobhán who creates all the pronunciation videos, just like the one where we help you learn how to say “Happy Christmas” in Irish Gaelic.

How to Say Happy Christmas in Irish Gaelic

Do you want to be a part of the Santa’s Little Helpers team at Bitesize? You can!

We’ve talked about the traditional Irish Christmas but what makes it so special? Well, celebrating Christmas in Ireland is all about tradition, sharing the joy with friends and family and of course sending out thoughtful gifts to those who you cherish.

Do you have any friends who want to learn Irish Gaelic? Do you want to give yourself a great gift for Christmas? Well, we have good news! You can be a part of the Santa’s Little Helpers team at Bitesize by sending gifts to your friends and family who may want to learn Irish.

Here are some great Christmas gifts for the Irish learner.

If your friend is a beginner who wants to learn more about the Irish culture and language but didn’t get a chance to start, the best Christmas gift for them would be the Learn Irish with Eoin Audio album since it’s a great intro course, really ease to follow.

For those who are ready to learn Irish (at their own pace, of course), we recommend the Irish MP3 Audio Program consisting of 90 lessons accompanied by PDF files. The Audio Program is also easy to follow and allows you to learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you get the chance to do it.

Another great option, for the more experienced Irish learners out there, would be the Pronunciation CheatSheets for Irish Gaelic. We recommend this product to be sent as a gift to those people who already are dabbling in Irish and want to go deeper.

Finally, if the Pronunciation CheatSheets aren’t enough, you can always send them The Secrets to Practicing Irish Gaelic Every Day eBook that will enable them to discover 10 secrets to practice Irish every day.

Bitesize Irish Gaelic gift option

Sending thoughtful gifts to your friends and relatives who want to learn Irish Gaelic is really easy to do. Just add the products to your cart and select the “Gift option. This will enable you to send them as gifts to whomever you want, whenever you want, accompanied by your very own message.

All the Santa’s Little Helpers at Bitesize wish you all a Happy Christmas in the company of those who you love and we leave you with this cute song from “Santa’s Elves”.

Don’t forget! You can send the Bitesize products as gifts by choosing the gift option when you add products to your cart!

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