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Should I Choose Rosetta Stone for Gaelic, or Bitesize Irish Gaelic?

Before going on, be sure you know a bit of the differences between Irish, Gaelic, and Irish Gaelic. It’s “Irish”, “the Irish language” or “Irish Gaelic” which we’re speaking about here (what you may indeed refer to as “Gaelic”).

Jason will be visiting Ireland, and had the following question for us:

Greeting’s from Maine! My Mother’s maiden name is Mayo and they come from Mayo County Ireland. It looks like next Fall I will realize a lifelong dream in getting to Ireland. I would like to have a rudimentary understanding of the language(eventually fluency). Will Bitsesize take me there(towards fluency)? To be honest I am trying to decide between Rosetta Stone and what you offer Eoin-as the trip is coming up quick. What do you recommend?

Hope this is not rude in any way, just trying to lear the language well(would also love to eventually read Irish Gaelic-so many wonderful books!). Thank you for any help Eoin.

peace be with you,


Mix your approaches

I’ll be biased and suggest you join Bitesize Irish Gaelic – but I do recommend learning from multiple sources (online, software, books, streaming radio and TV, and local classes if you have them). In that case, there is no problem with also getting Rosetta Stone for Irish Gaelic (that’s a link to Amazon).

The Bitesize Promise

From the point of view of up-front investment, you can join Bitesize Irish Gaelic for your first month. If you decide during that month that it’s not enough for you, then email us and we’ll refund every penny back. Even after continuing past your first month, you can cancel at any tme.

As for the basics, you’ll start practicing Irish language conversations straight away.

Try Bitesize Irish Gaelic for free

Interesting in learning Ireland’s native language, in easy bitesize steps? Make a connection with your Irish heritage. Sign up for the obligation-free Bitesize Irish Gaelic free trial.

If you’re not yet ready to join (despite the money-back guarantee) I suggest you sign up for our free 5-lesson email series Irish for Beginners. The online lessons will get you using spoken Irish from the beginning.

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6 thoughts on “Should I Choose Rosetta Stone for Gaelic, or Bitesize Irish Gaelic?”

  1. Ann Downs McArtor

    Love ❤️ Eoin’s answer to Bitesize or Rosetta. It’s not an either/or question for learning Irish. It’s a “how can i sign up and practice everything” question.

    Learning Irish, especially for the Diaspora, is like a marriage. Like my husband, i’m giving Irish preeminence in my life. There is no place Irish starts or ends – it’s like the air you breathe.