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Do You Feel Pressure When Learning Irish? (Ep. 18) [Re-run]

Pressure When Learning Irish

Some people respond well when put under pressure but others don’t find the extra motivation to finish whatever they were doing and succumb under an imaginary weight on their shoulders. It all comes down to how motivated you are and how much are you influenced by auto-suggestion.

Learning Irish may be more challenging for some than for others. Are you feeling a certain level of pressure when learning Irish? We understand how this may come into effect but we’re also telling you that there’s a solution. Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves when we run in to an obstacle or when we see how much more we have to learn.

Listen to this re-run of the 18th Bitesize Irish podcast episode where Eoin talks to Pat Hagan from Jacksonville, Florida who has been learning Irish and went on a motorbike trip across Ireland. Pat and Eoin recommend learning Irish by using the Bitesize method and taking it one step at a time, at your own pace.

This is a rebroadcast of episode 18 of the Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast in the English language.

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