How to Overcome the Challenge of Learning Irish (Ep. 23) [Re-run]

Overcome the Challenge of Learning Irish

Learning Irish can be quite the challenge. What can you do to boost your chances of learning this beautiful language? 

If you took on the very worthy challenge of learning Irish and preserving this language, but you don’t see the progress you’re looking for, reaching out to others can help you complete this rewarding task. But how do you reach out to others so you can learn Irish better and practice it?

Listen to this rebroadcast of the 23rd Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast where Eoin talks with Dineen Grow from Madison, Wisconsin. She spent years helping people who share her enthusiasm for the Irish language and heritage to learn and practice. Learn how to reach out to others to boost your Irish language learning efforts.

This is a re-run of the 23rd Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast in the English language.

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