A-Z in reasons to visit Ireland

There are many reasons to visit Ireland – using some Irish language phrases on the locals should be one of them!

Earlier, we asked you for your travel plans in 2014.

Now, here are A-Z reasons on why you should visit Ireland (promoted by killarneyhotels.ie):

Why visit Ireland.
A-Z reasons to visit Ireland. Learning to speak Irish (Gaelic) should be one of your reasons!

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6 thoughts on “A-Z in reasons to visit Ireland”

  1. Love the list, Eoin. I didn’t have plans when you asked & now suddenly I find I’ll be going to Wales. Wales? But there is still a possibility that when I visit my son In London I can convince him we really need to go to Ireland. Where is not at all crucial. You can scarcely turn a corner in Ireland without discovering something wonderful.


  2. I am one of the lucky ones as I live in Co Armagh and will be going to the Gaeltacht in Tir Chonaíll/Dún na nGall

  3. Love the A-Z list and am happy to say that I can tick off several of these from my visit in 2009. I am still trying to find a way to go again! ♥

  4. If i was doin the list, I’d have put Hurley where the football is. Don’t know if there`s anything different about Irish football than football played elsewhere, but even though the rest of the world has Hockey, Hurley is preserved from the dream-time of IRELAND.>
    may goodness be at you
    is mise mehull

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