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What’s Your Reason for Wanting To Speak Irish? (Ep. 38) [Re-run]

Reason for wanting to speak Irish

Every time we step out of our comfort zone and start to do something hard, we need a pretty good reason. If you start exercising then you do it to be healthier, when you change your job it’s because you want a better lifestyle, but what about when you start learning a new language?

What’s your reason for wanting to speak Irish Gaelic?

From our experience, most people who start their journey of learning Irish Gaelic do this because they want to strengthen their connection with their Irish heritage and they want to have that ‘feeling of belonging to something bigger than yourself’.

Of course they’re other valid reasons for wanting to speak the Irish language. If you have a few minutes, we recommend you to listen to this rebroadcast of the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast – episode 38 and discover 10 reasons to speak Irish Gaelic.

This is a re-run of the Bitesize Podcast in the English language.

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Bitesize Irish Gaelic Trial 2

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