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How do you reach out to other Irish language learners?


In several of our recent Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast episodes (like with Mara Berstein), our guests suggested the biggest thing in learning Irish is to reach out and find other learners.

For online, there are Facebook groups including GaelSkype where people arrange to speak on Skype together.

Even Google Plus has some “communities” of Irish language learners.

Locally, you might just be lucky enough to have classes nearby. But otherwise, you’ll probably need to start something locally by reaching out to others.

Our question to you today is: what have you done to reach out and find other learners of the Irish language?

Just leave a reply below, we’d love to hear your experiences.

3 thoughts on “How do you reach out to other Irish language learners?”

  1. I’d love to communicate with other learners of Irish!That would be great. But I’m wary of Facebook I’m not on that,I’ve heard bad things about it.Maybe the way for me would be to learn how to use Skype.

    1. I can understand your reluctance to use Facebook Keith. I’m very leery of it myself. However, that is the only way I know of to make Gaelskype contacts. You can limit your use of Facebook to only the Gaelskype group so that you can make contacts to talk with on Skype. No need to interact with anyone else or enter personal info if you don’t want to.
      I’d bet there are other forums or social media sights though that cater to Irish learners where you can make Skype contacts.

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