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Exciting New Quiz Feature for the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Online Course

Exciting New Quiz Feature for the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Online Course

If you’re a Bitesize Irish Gaelic member (not a member yet? sign-up here!), you know we’re constantly thinking of new ways for you to get more from your Irish learning journey, to help you learn at your pace and why not, to make it more fun and challenging.

That’s why, in the past months, we’ve been testing, working and improving (with the help of our community) a new, exciting feature for the Bitesize Irish Gaelic online course: learning-enhancement quizzes.

We’ve always found quizzes to be challenging and fun, so we decided to implement the feature in our online course.

Learning-enhancement Quizzes? How do they work?

The quizzes are available to all Bitesize Irish Gaelic members (Yes, free trials as well). You just have to log in, go over your Irish language lessons, and when you feel confident enough, you finish the lesson and take on the quiz. You can also use the Free trial to test out this feature.

(Did your free trial expire, but you want to test out the quiz feature? Contact us!)

Learning-Enhancement Quiz

The quizzes aren’t supposed to be extremely hard. Instead, they focus on making sure you understood the lesson you just finished. Don’t forget that the lessons are always there for you, going back to a specific one is perfectly fine, in fact, it’s recommended. Just like our community, we believe that repetition can be the mother of learning Irish Gaelic.

These learning-enhancement quizzes will also be there if you wish to revisit them. For the time being, you’ll have a quiz at the end of each lesson.

Here’s an example of a simple quiz for our Lesson 1. Can you identify the correct answer?

Learning-Enhancement Quiz Question

Feedback from the community

We’re really excited about this feature, and we’re continuously working on making it better. This excitement is also strengthened by the Bitesize Irish Gaelic community who took the learning-enhancement quizzes and provided us with valuable feedback.

With the help of our users, we found out that:

  • The quiz questions are the right ones for every lesson, and the explanations on the feedback are particularly good. Most online learning quizzes don’t provide feedback that reinforces a correct answer.
  • The quizzes revolved around the most important points of their respective lessons.
  • Our community wants even more quizzes, maybe structured on difficulty levels.

Plans for the future

As we said, we’re working hard on improving the learning-enhancement quizzes. You can test it out for yourself by signing up for a free trial or the big Bitesize Irish Gaelic experience. In the future, we’ll be working on improving this feature by adding audio content, more questions, quizzes for all the lessons (currently quizzes are available for Level 1 lessons), difficulty levels and more!

Did you test our learning-enhancement quizzes? What did you think? How would you like this feature to improve in the near future? Tell us in the comments below or use the contact page to provide feedback.

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