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Three little questions for you about this blog

img_0035-kerry-ireland[1]We at Bitesize Irish Gaelic are here to help you make a deeper connection with your Irish heritage. Part of how we do that is to publish weekly articles on this blog post (they’re the articles we email out through our email newsletter every Wednesday). To help guide what we’ll be publishing in the future, could you please answer this simple three-question multiple-choice questionnaire?

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8 thoughts on “Three little questions for you about this blog”

  1. Nelica Lorene Curameng

    i’ve been a subscriber of Bitesize Irish Gaelic for a long time now, and i can say that i am very fascinated by all the things that i’ve been learning .. i really am always looking forward to receiving updates on what’s latest on this page because i really love learning everything about Ireland especially the langauage, sceneries, culture (literally everything). hopefully, someday, if my finances and schedule allow me, i get to visit the beautiful country of Ireland and interact firsthand with the locals .. aside from this page, i also regularly visit the Irish Central site to which i get to learn more as well .. please keep on posting updates because through this, we get to know a lot of things about Ireland.

    Xx – Nelica, from Philippines

      1. Nelica Lorene Curameng

        i haven’t really thought about it yet, but surely i’ll visit Ireland in the near future and go those amazing places i see only in pictures, meet wonderful people, and learn a lot more ..

  2. I have been following your site for quite a while now as my Grand kids are always on about the Irish I taught their parents .They all know their prayers by heart and the general greetings .but as I left home in 1960 my Irish is not up to scratch.I have been home several times on business and have never needed it but I am taking my Husband for a holiday and think I should brush up .I just have to find enough time .I think you have a Grand site and I hope to be in touch soon
    Kind Regards Ann.

    1. It is heartwarming to know that families are handing down the traditions from generation to generation. I am sure you will find the time to brush up on your Irish. When are you taking your husband on holiday?

  3. I am already enrolled in the 21 day free course. So far, I am impressed with your teaching method. I learn easier when I can see the word printed out, along with the phonetic pronunciation, while hearing the words or phrases spoken.
    Have tried learning Irish with another system, but it just won’t stick. Thanks for what I have seen so far.
    My husband is very ill just now, so it is hard to find time to study with enough concentration to hold anything in memory, but I find myself repeating the short lessons as I do my work. I just might have a chance to learn my Grandfather’s language!

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