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How to Pronounce “Agus tú féin?” in Irish

Steve asked us:

Hi! Just something I’ve noticed while working both through your site, as well as Micheal O Siadhail’s _Learning Irish_. From your site, I’m hearing “Agus tu “F”ein?” and from Siadhail’s site, as well as the old BBC’s “Little Bit” Irish series, I’m hearing “Agus tu “H”ein?” Is it just a question of dialect? Are the two mutually understandable, or would listeners assume I was a country bumpkin if I were to speak one version or the other?

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Agus tú féin?

In our first Irish language conversation lesson, “Agus tú féin?” is a way to reply “And you/And yourself?”.

It’s pronounced like: /Ogg-us too hayne?/

However, our recording pronounces that word as “fayne”.

Some research on Irish pronunciation

I’ve done some reading on site called Daltaí (this debate gets a bit heated!).

While here at Bitesize Irish Gaelic we try to keep the Irish language audio in the lessons as standard as possible, it seems that I slanted towards the Munster Irish dialect by saying “fayne” and not “hayne”.

The more general way to pronounce “Agus tú féin?” is as /Ogg-us too hayne/.

As Steve said there is nothing wrong with either pronunciation, and they are certainly mutually understandable.

We’ll be re-recording that audio phrase in the future to standardize the pronunciation of “Agus tú féin?” as /Ogg-us too hayne?/.

By the way, if you’re interested in cracking Irish pronunciation, check out our pronunciation cheatsheets and worksheets.

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8 thoughts on “How to Pronounce “Agus tú féin?” in Irish”

  1. Question. I have been listening to your recordings on Spotify along with some others I found on the internet and there seems to be a difference in the pronunciation of Dia. I have heard it as Jee-ah on your recordings and Dee-ah on others. Which is correct?

    1. An an leathannach Daltaí, dúirt daoine gur chóir “Sinn Féin” a fhoghraíocht le “fhéin”, go ginearálta.

      Ní raibh fhios agamsa é sin, ghlachas leis gur “féin” atá i gcónaí i gceist.

      Tharla sé gur chuala mé Peadar Ó Riada ag rá “as sinn féin” (of us, gan an bhfoghraíocht /hayne/). I Geailge na Mumhan a raibh á labhairt aige.