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Who Is Preserving the Irish Language in the Gaeltacht? (Ep. 33) [Re-run]

Preserving the Irish Language in the Gaeltacht

People who are learning Irish and have the opportunity to travel to Ireland should really go and visit the Gaeltacht area. This will allow you to improve your connection with the Irish culture in more ways than one.

You will be able to improve your spoken Irish. Gaeltacht is composed of several areas within Ireland where people speak mostly Irish Gaelic. Having a partner to talk to is always great for improving any language skills and seeing how Irish speakers aren’t that easy to find, you’ll understand more and probably discover hidden aspects of this language.

You will be able to enjoy the amazing Irish landscapes. Life is made up from every little experience you live, right? Most Gaeltacht areas are along the coastline so you can see how amazing Ireland really is.

You will discover people who are preserving the Irish language within the Gaeltacht. While we are working towards the very worthy goal of preserving the Irish language, a visit in a Gaeltacht area, for example, Inis Meáin can help you interact with people who are doing the same thing just like Máire Pháidín.

This a rebroadcast of the 33rd Bitesize Irish Gaelic episode where Eoin talks with Ceri Garfield, the filmmaker who documented the life of Máire Pháidín from Inis Meáin. This re-run episode is in the English language.

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