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Become a Daily “Practitioner” of Irish

Our aim for you at Bitesize Irish is:

Gaeilge GACH Lá. Irish EVERY Day.

Even if you attend Irish language classes every week, it’s only when you make Irish part of your every day that you’ll move to becoming a speaker of it.

It’s possible for you to move from being a “learner” of Irish, to something higher.

That higher level is to become a “practitioner” of Irish, in the Irish language sense of that word. In the Irish language, the word is “cleachtóir”, which very specifically implies that you’re practicing your craft. It implies that you’re following a process. The English word “practitioner” much more implies that you have already “become” a master, a pro, a specialist.

You don’t become a practitioner by being a fluent speaker of the Irish language.

You come a speaker of the Irish language by being a practitioner of it.

There is nothing stopping you from becoming a practitioner of the Irish language. Your current abilities are not an obstacle, they are simply your starting point of the day.

2 thoughts on “Become a Daily “Practitioner” of Irish”

  1. I would like to also have my two grandchildren, ages 4 and 11, learn Irish along with me. Is your material acceptable for those ages or do have other material more suited for their learning?

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