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Positive Attitude Is a Must when Learning Irish Gaelic (Ep. 56) [Re-run]

Positive Attitude Is a Must when Learning Irish Gaelic

This is probably your story. Even if you’re not the protagonist, you’ll find yourself in the podcast episode. A high number of Bitesize Irish Gaelic community members start their Irish Gaelic learning journey because they want to get in touch with their Irish heritage.

Is this also your story?

People who value their Irish heritage and start learning Irish Gaelic to learn more about themselves and their family are actually Irish Gaelic language warriors. Through them, the Irish Gaelic language lives on and ensures its posterity, making sure it will be spoken for decades to come.

David White is one of these people. He wanted to learn more about his Irish heritage and decided to challenge himself to learn the Irish Gaelic language. In the 56th Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast we interviewed him so he could share a bit of his story with other people who are interested in learning Irish Gaelic.

In this rebroadcast of the 56th podcast episode, in the English language, you’ll learn that positive attitude is a must when learning a new language.

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