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Pop Hits in Irish Gaelic


The youngsters and organisers over at Coláiste Lurgan have been belting out the tunes, as we say in Ireland. This isn’t the first time we’ve highlighted them.

Below are some of our favourite videos. They will show you the energy that youngsters can have, all through the Irish language.

As they say themselves:

Coláiste Lurgan is an Independent Irish language summer school without any affiliation to other organisations or groups. Our aim is to help students fulfil their potential in becoming competent and confident Irish language speakers.

Five excellent pop videos in Irish (Gaelic)

Here are our favourite quite recent tunes from their online video channel, TG Lurgan. They were picked by Ana of our customer support.





More Background on Coláiste Lurgan

If you’re interested about the context of these videos, read on.

There’s a tradition in Ireland that goes back a few decades.

Every summer, teenagers in secondary school (that’s like high school), can go travel to the Gaeltacht areas. There are certain summer colleges that take place for usually three weeks.

At those colleges (or camps), the students take Irish language classes in the morning, and there’s an activity arranged every afternoon. It lets the students get immersed in the Irish language, and have some fun along the way.

The videos recorded above are Irish language translations of popular English language pop songs. Click through to the YouTube page from each video where you might get more information on lyrics.

The Irish Language’s Energy

Just by watching those videos above, you see how there’s energy in Ireland around the Irish language.

While it’s suffering in Gaeltacht areas generally (hear the podcast episode with Liam Ó Cuinneagáin), there’s a trend in the opposite direction for more events to be happening through the Irish language.

By learning to speak some of the Irish language, you get to be part of that energy. If you’re dreaming of visiting Ireland, what better way to tap into Ireland’s real and living culture than to speak some of the Irish language.

5 thoughts on “Pop Hits in Irish Gaelic”

  1. Hi,

    I love Irish music, especially if it’s sung in Irish, I would love to listen this tune “you made me the thief of your heart” as gaeilge, let’s hope so.

    Le meas,

  2. Florian Schoenbeck


    I like the Irish / gaelic covert songs a lot. I like to thank yiou for theese fantastic songs!

    Is there any possible to buy a CD with the songs?

  3. Vanessa Bushell


    I love Irish vocals and music. “Wake me up” was lots of fun. We need more Irish music (sung in Irish) in the world. This is especially wonderful for young people to keep the language alive 🙂


  4. Brian McSweeney

    I am a 60 year old teacher from Califiornia who just visited Ireland for the first time. I’m beginning to learn some Gaelic. I truly appreciate the soul sized bites of Irish culture you bitesize folks are linked to. I was so moved by the passion and artistry of these young men and women. The soul, language and culture of Ireland are living on in their education. Thanks to the adults that are encouraging this flowering of the Irish passion for the arts and their living ancient tongue.

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