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Podcast 133: Learning the Accordion

Eoin talks about learning the Irish button accordion in this episode of the Bitesize Irish Podcast. It was intrinsically fun at the beginning, but soon hit some frustration. It’s similar to trying to learn the Irish language: great fun at first, but soon can seem daunting. Part of the solution is to make it fun again! Go back to what you found interesting in the first place.

Thanks to Ben for his question. You can record your own question for the podcast on the podcast homepage.

5 thoughts on “Podcast 133: Learning the Accordion”

    1. Día dhuit Eoin agus Martin,
      I have an Irish speaking face book friend in Northern Ireland, named
      Seán Mór he plays the button accordion.. He is modest about his playing but occasionally posts a tune. I think he is great. You might look him up.
      María McClure

  1. Éoin conas atá tú? an bhfuil tu go maith. As someone interested in learning as Gaeilge like myself, you mentioned this: “enjoy your journey, dive in no matter how hard it is, just keep at”. Well it is hard and we all have to start somewhere, just like your journey to master the skills of playing the accordion.

    During my time here (Ocht mhí) I found it hard at times but I keep going. The interview with Emma on Fiche Cuig lúnasa it was brilliant and it help my confidence a lot. In the interview I mentioned that I went back to the very start ‘Ag Tosu Amach’, starting Out Fuimeanna na Geailge. tá amhlaidh much to learn. Eoin Tabhair Aire mhaith féin.go raibh mile a maith. Keep up practicing, Ah chara!

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