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Podcast 130: What’s holding you back from Learning Irish?

In this episode of the Bitesize Irish Podcast, Eoin asks you what might be holding you back from learning the Irish language. What might be stopping you internally from practicing Gaeilge Gach Lá? It may be a fear of judgement, or a shame of identity, or something else about your story.

Also covered is a question from Nigel about where you might find Irish language immersion courses in Ireland.

Mentioned in the podcast:

  • Bitesize Irish memberships – including Grow membership for learning and practicing every day
  • Oideas Gael – adult Irish language learning courses in Donegal
  • An Acadamh – which hold intensive Irish language courses (dianchúrsaí). They have several locations, being part of the university in Galway
  • Coláiste na Rinne – which also offer online Irish language classes

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10 thoughts on “Podcast 130: What’s holding you back from Learning Irish?”

  1. For me, I often compare it to hiking in the mountains. Sometimes, when you’re hiking and you’ve been at it for a few hours, you feel as if you must be close to the top … and you sneak a peek upward … only to see just how far you have to go. That’s what trips me up often … realizing how much there is left to learn … how far I seem from the top. The funny thing is, when you’re hiking and you reach the summit, it’s usually difficult to recall how long or hard you were climbing for 😛

    1. That’s a very strong analogy, Sean.

      We shouldn’t ignore the mountain that we’ve started to climb up, fooling ourselves of how hard and long the journey is. “They journey is the goal” as it’s said.

      Another perspective would be a flat walk. We’re all walking along the same plane, some further ahead than others, but all doing the same walk. We can enjoy it as we go!

      Le meas,

  2. Aloha, I am under extreme distress. This is my thirtieth year living on Maui. Locals have been telling me to leave since the day I arrived. Now even rich Germans are sending offers $$$$$ to buy my landlords property so he can evict me from our humble abode. I was put in a choke hold by black police officers when I lived in Venice, California. My neighbor in Boston put a choke hold on me as well. I would LOVE to apply for Refugee Status in Ireland. Could you direct me the office that handles refugees in the Irish Government? This would help me learn more Irish. Mahalo (Thank You!)!

    Love Brian.

  3. Martin Browne

    Conas ata tú Éoin An Bhfuil tú go maith. is Mise Mhairtín de Brun is anim dum,is as mBaile Atha Cliath me,Ach Tá me i mo chónáí i nutgrove is maith liom é. tá an Centre agus Tá Síopá,Banc,Teach Tabharine,agus an Ofig an Póst.Ta me í mo Chónái i Seacht Bliana Maile Beag anois.Phós me Seacht Mbliana ar freisin.Mó Bhean Cheile is anim duit Nancy. Well Eoin you put in a lot of hard work along with all the people at bitesize irish.So for someone that never bothered with school as i young lad. And i’ve always felt that i had a “very low self esteem” of myself. I suppose it its the child hood i had.i have always told that i would never do well in life. go raibh a maith agat Eoin thanks for a great podcast to yourself and all your co workers

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