Podcast 129: Trust the Process

Trust the process. Trust yourself! An empowering aspect of learning to speak the Irish language is not limited to “languages people”. The process of learning the Irish language is a journey. It’s a process that’s available to each of us. Yes, it does include studying with intenstiy (see Episode 128 for more on that). Once you’ve accepted with yourself that you are on this journey, then trust the process and trust yourself.

We call the foundation of this process Gaeilge Gach Lá (Irish every day). It means immersing yourself in the Irish language, especially before you understand it. Be a daily practitioner of the language, a Gaeilgeoir, regardless of your spoken abilty. Trust that by being a pracitioner long enough you can ultimately end up being a speaker of Gaeilge.

Mentioned in the episode:

P.S. After producing this podcast, I was researching productivity frameworks, of all things. This really is closely linked ultimately to achieving something, like being able to speak a language, such as my book Winning the Language Battle. I came across a free book How to Make Your Dreams Come True by Mark Forster. As it happens, he has a chapter in the book called “trust the process”. The book is only mildly related to this podcast episode, but speaks along the same lines.

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4 thoughts on “Podcast 129: Trust the Process”

  1. A Eoin Conas atá tú i liked listening to your podcast ceád fiche naoi (129). At the moment i use the bitesize explore course’s and some times i find it so hard maybe its because im trying to take in so much information but i will stick at it. it was a great podcast to listen to go raibh maith agat

    1. Hi Martin, great to hear from a Bitesize Irish member. Yes, the process can be very hard, but adapt it for your own needs. There are topics in Explore which may just be beyond your current understanding, and that’s fine. Keep it up. Gaeilge Gach Lá!

      1. Dia Dhiut ár maidin Conas atá tú go raibh maith agat for the reply,i will keep at it keep up the good work.@ bitesize irish

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