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Podcast 126: Your Irish Language Journey

Diving into the Irish language is a journey of a lifetime. You start at finding your calling, go on to intense self-study, followed by starting to practice with others, and moving toward intuitive self expression. Follow these five steps along the journey.

  1. Find your calling. If you’re starting as an absolute beginner with the Irish language, take our free course Irish for Beginners
  2. Apprentice with intensity. Become a dedicated observers. Try our free Taster membership of our Explore program for self-study
  3. Gain social intelligence. Now it’s time to start practicing together. Sign up for our Grow membership to take part in our Bitesize Beo regular scripted practice calls, and Bitesize Pobal private learner’s community.
  4. Awaken your creative energy. Put that knowledge you’ve picked up to good use. In your Grow membership, practice self expression through writing and open-ended conversation.
  5. Develop high-level intuition. Realise your self-expression as Gaeilge. Act as an ambassador for the language.

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