Podcast 123: Áine Gallagher

Interview with Áine Gallagher, who do many things including greann dhá-theangach (bilingual comedy). In this episode of the Bitesize Irish Podcast, we talk about the mindset that encourages you to speak Irish. Find Áine at ainegallagher.com – including the Irish Matters web series plus her TedX talk about what is it like speaking Irish as a second language.

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Some highlights from the episode:

  • “I say I’m a fluent Irish speaker, without qualifying it”
  • “There’s a spectrum of fluency”
  • “You can’t compare your fluency in Irish and in English”
  • “I’m a gorilla Irish teacher”
  • “You have to take personal responsibility with a minority language”
  • “It’s OK to take time”
  • “Reinforce your learning with a mix of sources”

Thanks to Tsukumo whose music appears on this episode. Record a question for the podcast.

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4 thoughts on “Podcast 123: Áine Gallagher”

  1. Really enjoyed this conversation! I think Àine would encourage anyone to speak our beautiful language. Very funny too. Go raibh milè maith agat


  2. I enjoyed Aine’s conversation with Eoin. and I will check out these related posts.
    Thanks so much. Aine you presented your experience so well. It presses me to speak Irish every day —even if it’s to myself. But I’ll ask my husband to listen to me —-soon.

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