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Podcast 112: Leaflets and Time

Ramblings around… leaflets about COVID-19 that arrived now in the Irish language a few weeks after English ones… what the order of time and quantum physics means about learning a language…

Thanks to Tsukumo whose music you hear on this episode under a creative commons license.

Mentioned on the show:

2 thoughts on “Podcast 112: Leaflets and Time”

  1. OK, I’m certainly convinced about the need to buy The Order of Time, and oddly enough for some New Testament Greek research stuff I’m working on at the moment. Languages seem to crop up at every turn, don’t they! And, wow – you’re offering conversation, which I don’t have any chance of at the moment. I’m sure I’ll be joining.

    1. Go raibh maith agat, Jared. Yeah I thoroughly enjoyed The Order of Time, even though I didn’t understand all the concepts, it was very well written while not getting too technical.

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