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Podcast 111: Time to be Weird

First ever podcast from the garden shed. It’s time to be weird. Who really cares if you’re expressing yourself in Irish, connecting with people through Gaeilge? Also, is the Irish language only fo the good times? Should Ireland as a society pay for it when the economy tightens? And Bitesize Irish memberships have dropped in price, and we’re doing more on Bitesize Pobal, our private community forum for Grow members.

Thanks to Tsukumo for the music on this episode under a creative commons license.

7 thoughts on “Podcast 111: Time to be Weird”

  1. Based on my experience, keep the Irish language at all times, good and bad, unless you want to eventually lose it. People use crises as an excuse to do all sorts of things and sometimes, most times, those actions dictate the “new normal.” .

    1. I think the Irish language should always be supported. The language is strong as it goes back in time to prove this .

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