2 thoughts on “Podcast 108: Listeners’ Episode”

  1. I find myself with a problem, that I can not–QUITE- get my head around
    NUMBER ONE, I took IRISH as an everyday accuracy, while I was going to =college (in 1940+
    2. I lost the use of it when I left -school and- went to work ( it would come up once and a while as I went about DONEGAL, with the comment, I don’t use IRISH any more)
    3=, but now that I am retired, I find MYSELF, wanting to ==RE- LEARN, it again
    4 I do know what is being said, but the IRISH response, just won’t form in IRISH
    5 I know, but can’t, carry on a CONVERSATION IN ‘IRISH’==words yes, dictionary yes, but the

    1. That’s great to hear that you’ve returned to learning Irish!
      You’re not alone, your problem is very common. Listening and reading a lot of realistic everyday conversations can be helpful. Also, pretend you’re having a common conversation with someone and write out the exchange. Most people find that it’s easier to word a sentence when they have time to work through it. If you do this often enough, you will get used to forming sentences and it will eventually get easier to word sentences within the time restraints of spoken conversations.

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